It’s your Baby’s first birthday!

Where did that year go?

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Your baby has passed through those moments of sleeping soundly, gurgling, first smiles and holding their head high which have too quickly turned into rolling over, sitting, crawling, standing and shouting. How many of those moments are still on phones, Facebook, or in the cloud?


Your baby's first birthday is a huge milestone for them and for you, so you have full control over your child's First Birthday Cake Smash Shoot - if you'd like streamers and banners and balloons, simply bring them with you. Your baby can wear a stunning party outfit, fancy knickers or pants. You can choose your own cake - shop bought or especially made - comfortable that your baby won't react badly to any ingredients. 


Click the link above to book  a fun and lively cake smash shoot for only £48.75 and celebrate all you have achieved this year. Of course, this includes a stunning 10x8" print of your child's First Birthday Cake Smash Shoot to admire and cherish; forever. 

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