Personal Branding Photography

Hello, I’m Victoria.


I’m a personal brand photographer and if you’re an individual, startup or small business who wants to create a recognisable brand that makes you feel proud, I want to work with you.

You need a gallery of professional images which communicate your brand story to your ideal supporter or client and I’ll work to ensure they recognise you as the lead in your field. Let's celebrate what makes your business unique.


Stand out

Since you are what makes your business unique, you need a gallery of professional images which communicate your brand story.

Before we start, we'll identify your ideal client and plan a series of photographs which will showcase your brand story to them.



Be in their minds, always

You want potential customers to see your images and build associations, so that when they desire your product or service it is you who springs to mind.

We'll create a bank of images which tell a cohesive story and present your brand as one which is instantly recognisable to your ideal client. 

Having a bank of images is the perfect way to ensure your meet the needs of your brand development or strategy.


You want to be real

Effective personal brand photography has the ability to show your ideal clients what it looks and feels like to work with you.

As part of our session, we'll build in photographs which show your values in action and enable your customers to emotionally connect with your brand.

Working together we can create and develop your brand identity.



You've got the perfect shots!

By tailoring a bespoke photoshoot to your brand we can send out the message you want, build trust between you and your audience and enhance your brand recognition and credibility.

Your images will be resized for the social media channels you use, for your website and any further publications, ensuring your personal brand portfolio is perfect in every situation.


You want your photographs quickly

Your new photographs are the ticket to new clients and sales and you need these quickly and easily.

Your photos will be uploaded to an online gallery - usually within 72 hours of our shoot.

You'll receive your final selection shortly after this by email. 

The Gannet, Glasgow:

Why personal branding?

Make the right first impression.

Instantly open a channel of communication between you and your ideal supporter or client.

Saves you time and hassle.

High quality images increases likelihood of your photos being shared.

Pricing is simple:

My rate is £125 per hour which includes:​

  • Meeting or telephone consultation to discuss your business values, identify your ideal client and establish the goals you hope to achieve through brand photos

  • An unlimited number of edited photographs (the final number will be determined by the variety of shots, location and time)

  • Portrait, action,  lifestyle and still life photographs (including products) are included

  • All editing and re-touching is included in the hourly rate

  • All images are uploaded to a gallery for viewing and an electronic transfer of files is guaranteed within 72 hours of job completion 

  • We can work in  my studio, we can work in a few locations or I can come to you

Want to know more?

Simply get in touch, so we can chat about what you're looking for

Please check your junk folder if you haven't received anything - I'd never not reply.

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Corporate photography helps to reinforce your company values, while promoting and building your online presence.

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