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Basic Headshot only £25!

Been putting off booking your headshot?

I know why:

  • There’s never any time

  • There’s always something more important to do

  • There’s never enough money

  • Your skin or hair or weight (or all of them) is never quite right to commit your image to professional photos

What if I told you that with so much of our world being online, people need to see you to connect with you? Would you believe that taking 30 minutes out of your day to have amazing headshots taken can increase your customers? Increasing customers increases visibility and revenue. Increasing visibility and revenue propels you towards success.

What if I told you that the dry skin on your nose can be easily rectified by lighting and Photoshop? That as long as your hair is clean and tidy, no one will really notice it’s not exactly what you want. And those few extra pounds you’re carrying or have lost and which make you feel crappy about your weight – well, no one is going to care. Except you. But you’re not buying from you; your customers are.

Are you done making excuses? Please say yes because I’d love to help you!

And today is the perfect day to cast your hang-ups aside. At £25, it’s too good an opportunity to pass up.

A basic headshot lasts only 30 minutes, so there’s no fussing and no need to take hours out of your day. You’ll leave