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A typical wedding day looks like...?

When you've been photographing weddings for a while, it's easy to forget that few people know what a typical wedding day looks like.

I've found that when I explain it to couples, the whole notion of photographs become so much easier to digest; suddenly, it's possible to visualise all those special moments.

Finally, I've decided it's time to share it in my blog too!

A typical wedding day is arranged into neat sections and even those who deviate from traditional weddings usually have some of these parts in their wedding day.

Bride/ Groom Prep

Not everyone wants this and not all photographs offer it; but if you do, check it can be included with your favourite photographer.

The photographs to expect from this part of your day are: hair and make-up being done; last minute ironing; putting on dresses, kilts, shoes, jewellery; detail shots of rings, flowers, jewellery, coat hangers; champagne toasts; bridesmaids, groomsmen, close family and friends interacting.

Your photographer may do both parties, particularly if you’re getting ready in the same venue or are close to one another on the day.

Before the Ceremony

This is where your photographer will capture your guests arriving and interacting with one another. They may also capture images of your minister/ celebrant/ registrar setting up. It is also a great opportunity for your wedding photographer to take photographs of the ceremony room set up, the bride or groom waiting at the end of the aisle and guests entering and taking their seats. 

The Ceremony