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Call for better influencers on my social media feeds

An influencer used to be – quite simply – someone or something who influenced another. Nowadays, an influencer is usually associated with marketing and, in particular, social media.

Social media influencers irk me. Not all of the them. Only those who use social media as a platform from which to find fame, rather than credibility or because they have or can do something worthy of influencing others.

There are so many millions of truly inspirational people in the world; I want to see more of these people as influencers on my social media feed.

As a personal brand photographer, I have the opportunity to work with many incredible people and I’m slowly building social media pages which celebrate the type of people I want– and want others – to see more of.

Running a business, no matter how large or small, is challenging and everyone I’ve had the opportunity to work with in the last year is powering forwards, against the rather dismal odds at the moment, to ensure success. I think this is why I want to see them in the privileged position of an influencer - and why I’ve decided to spotlight some of the amazing people I’ve worked with recently.

First up is Chelsea Jarvie.