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Engagement shoots are a brilliant idea!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I’ve been asked a few times recently whether or not engagement (or pre-wedding) shoots are popular. The truth is, we live in a world where we like to know that we’re getting what we’re paying for. We also like to know that it's what we really want; and so, the answer is: yes! 

Engagement shoots are popular because more and more couples want to know they can fully trust their wedding photographer - well in advance of the big day. If you treat an engagement session like a trial (the way you would your hair and make-up), you have an amazing opportunity to see your photographer in action and get to see what their interactions and working methods are like, as well as getting to see how they photograph you, from how they pose (or don’t pose) you, right down to the final editing and delivery of your images.

Don't forget that you can book an engagement session with a photographer, even if you’ve already booked your wedding photography. In fact, if you love a photographer who is out with your wedding budget or unavailable on your date, an engagement shoot gives you the opportunity to work with them too.

Engagement sessions can be anything – think of it as a date day (or evening) with the person you love best, in one of the places you love. And then, add a camera and photographer! A great photographer will let you choose where you want the pictures to be taken and if you have no idea, they’ll be able to recommend some lovely places.

Megan and Dave, featured below, took advantage of the “try before you buy” option (it’s running until the end of June 2020 and the shoot can take place anytime in 2020), opting for Tollcross Park, in Glasgow. It was my first time in Tollcross Park, but a place my couple frequently wandered - it’s literally on their doorstep - and they were able to direct me to a few places of significance to them: the rose garden, gazebo and a huge tree. We focused on these locations during their shoot.

After working with me and seeing their images, they decided they wanted to book a wedding package which had an engagement shoot included. 

While there were a few things which could have been added or adapted to make up for this, they decided they wanted to fully celebrate their Glasgow wedding – their ceremony was held in The Britannia Panopticon and their reception in The Old Fruit Market – and asked if we could do a post wedding shoot in front of some of Glasgow’s stunning murals. 

Of course, I said yes – I saw it as an exciting opportunity to explore Glasgow in a different way and forever capture some of the amazing artwork on display – and so, a few weeks after their wedding, we found ourselves on a 5-hour photo-tour of Glasgow’s City Centre! 

Admittedly, that’s a little longer than we had planned (there was a lot of walking) but sometimes, you have to do what’s necessary to get the best photographs and, as you can see for yourself, the photographs are gorgeous!

As well as for getting to know your photographer, engagement shoots are brilliant to get you used to the camera, to boost your confidence and to generate images to use for your wedding save the dates, invites and guest book.

To find out more about my current offer, click here.

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