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Headshots, Business Lifestyle Photography or Brand or Personal Brand Photography?

Updated: May 12, 2021

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Since you’re here there’s a good chance you’ve come across these terms: headshots, business headshots, corporate headshots, business portraits, business lifestyle photography, brand photography, personal brand photography, personal branding photography. So, what are they and which do you need for your business?


When photographers refer to headshots, they often mean a head and shoulders shot showing someone in their absolute best light. Traditionally, a headshot was reserved for actors who needed a headshot to attach to their CV and actor profile and there was practically a formula to follow to ensure their photograph met industry standard. This is no longer the case.

With so much of our lives online, headshots are now required by many for webpages and social media - often the first interaction people have with us and our businesses. Industry standard varies, from a very close up, face and neck to a long, full length body; anything goes with modern headshots.