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Make a new friend when you book your wedding photographer

We all have friends we love, people we know, and we all know people we just don’t like. 

Your wedding day is special, so you'll surround yourself with people you love and who love you. Don’t introduce someone you don’t like to one of the most important days of your life.

Even if you adore their photographs. 

Obviously, being in love with a wedding photographer’s photographs is pretty important – ok, it’s crucial. When you find a photographer you like, view as many images as you can! 

Wedding photographers will put their best images for everyone to see but it’s important to see a least one wedding – in full – so you can check you like their whole collection and not just the best ones. 

Check their website and social media pages and if you want to see more, ask them! A friendly wedding photographer will be delighted to share recent weddings with you. 

When you’ve scoured the internet and found your favourites, arrange to meet them.

You may love their work, but you have to like them! You're going to be letting them share your wedding day with you. Think about that. They’ll be surrounded by the people you love best and only someone you like deserves to share that.

But there’s another reason. 

Do you want photographs like the ones featured all over your favourite photographer’s website and social media pages? That won’t happen unless you connect with them.


How do you feel when you spend time with someone you don’t like? Uncomfortable? Awkward? Like you’re walking on eggshells? Yup, me too! And when you feel this way, do you allow yourself to relax and be yourself? No, of course not.

And what does this mean for your photographs? Well, when you’re uncomfortable you’ll be tense and when you’re tense, you’ll look stiff and awkward… the bottom line is that you won’t look your best. And on your wedding day, don’t settle for anything less than your best.

Do you know it only takes a few seconds to make your mind up about whether you like or dislike someone? Really! And that means, even if you’re really really busy, you should take the time to meet with those photographers who have captured your attention. 

If you're still struggling to choose a photographer at all, check out this guide, it's got some great advice about what to look for.

, how do you choose a wedding photographer who is like a friend?

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