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Wedding Photos: Edit your way

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Can post-editing really make that much of difference?

Thanks to Instagram, we’re all familiar with photo filters; but, did you know that the editing done by photographers is simply a way more sophisticated version?

I often speak to wedding couples who say they want a more vintage feel to their photographs, or want something light and airy, or at the other end of the spectrum, dark and moody. Typically, I edit my photographs to be as natural as possible - keeping the colours as close as I can to how things were on the day - but with a few touches I can alter my photographs to give you the look you want! I can even provide you with multiple looks, if you like.

Dark and moody

It's becoming more common to see wedding (and engagement) photographs which are dark and moody, especially those taken in Scotland. With the influence of shows like Outlander, images edited in this way evoke romance and mystery. In locations like this one, they really enhance Scotland's dramatic mountains and skies.

If you like dark and moody images but can't picture yourself in photographs quite as dark, the colours can be made more vibrant and the whites enhanced a little.