6 Hours Branding Photography Voucher

6 Hours Branding Photography Voucher


I’m a personal brand photographer and if you’re a startup or small business who wants to create a recognisable brand that makes you feel proud, I want to work with you.


Each session includes:

*Meeting or telephone consultation to discuss your business values, identify your ideal client and establish the goals you hope to achieve through brand photos ​

*An unlimited number of edited photographs (the final number will be determined by the variety of shots, location and time) ​

*Portrait, action, lifestyle and still life photographs (including products) are included​ ​

*All editing and re-touching is included in the hourly rate ​

*All images are uploaded to a gallery for viewing and an electronic transfer of files is guaranteed within 14 days of job completion ​

*We can work in my studio, we can work in a few locations or I can come to you