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Why personal branding?

Make the right first impression.

Instantly open a channel of communication between you and your ideal supporter or client.

Saves you time and hassle.

High quality images increases likelihood of your photos being shared.

Personal Branding Photography

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Hello, I’m Victoria.


I’m a personal brand photographer and if you’re an individual, startup, small or large business who wants to create a recognisable brand that makes you feel proud, I want to work with you.

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Who else wants the secret ingredient of personal branding?

I know what it’s like: you want business photographs (and you may have already booked your photographer) but you’re currently terrified. 

Planning a personal branding shoot should be slightly scary – you’re doing a huge thing by taking a leap of faith and casting you and your values into the online ether.  But it should be exciting too. Really exciting: this is your opportunity to market yourself!


I think I can guess which questions you’re asking yourself right now: What should I wear? How should I

style my hair? Which poses are

best? And if you haven’t yet booked a photographer, the crucial one: which


photographer should I book?

But these aren’t the questions you should start with. Instead, consider who it is you are marketing yourself for.  Who is your ideal client? What do they want to see? How can you construct the story they want to read? When you venture into personal branding, your aim is to tell your story in such a way

that your ideal clients feel they can’t get enough of you.

You came here for the secret ingredient of personal branding and now I’m going show you. 

Scroll through the next few slides and you’ll be taken through four case studies – all quite different – which show you how you can construct a personal branding story by using your ideal client as your inspiration; and not solely other people’s branding shoots.

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Need some help matching your ideal client to the photographs you want?

  • We'll help you to work out who your ideal client is

  • We'll discuss your values and those of your brand

  • We'll make sure when you're finished chatting, you know exactly what type of photographs you'll need to market your brand

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Pricing is simple:

My rate is £125 per hour which includes:​

  • Meeting or telephone consultation to discuss your business values, identify your ideal client and establish the goals you hope to achieve through brand photos

  • An unlimited number of edited photographs (the final number will be determined by the variety of shots, location and time)

  • Portrait, action,  lifestyle and still life photographs (including products) are included

  • All editing and re-touching is included in the hourly rate

  • All images are uploaded to a gallery for viewing and an electronic transfer of files is guaranteed within 14 days of your photoshoot

  • We can work in  my studio, we can work in a few locations or I can come to you


Looking for corporate headshots?

Corporate photography helps to reinforce your company values, while promoting and building your online presence.

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