Wedding Photography -  beautiful, natural and Relaxed

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How do you want to remember your wedding day?

False smiles, sore face, hours away from your guests? It doesn’t have to be that way.

I specialise in the style of wedding photography that means you are not forced into fake smiles, being made to pose into ridiculous positions which seem to take forever. And all this while your guests enjoy hours without you, or sit around bored waiting for you. 

You don’t want your photo shoot to be the same as every other wedding you’ve been to - endless lines of group photos, stiff poses, a missing bride and groom (who are glued to the photographer’s side!) That's not the way to truly enjoy your first moments as newlyweds.


Have the time of your life on your wedding day with your family and friends while I work in the background, capturing the moments and events of the day as they unfold: your natural smiles, laughter and tears, and what will become your most cherished moments.

This is how you should remember your wedding day!

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