What do you want to see in 10 years?

What type of pictures do you see yourself looking through in 10 years’ time?

It's easy to forget the future when you're caught up in the excitement of planning your wedding. Don't forget about it.


The memories of your wedding day are captured in your wedding photographs. Think now about what you want to see when you pick up your album in 10 years time.

Is your wedding album full of very formal, staged images which look like they could belong to images from a Royal Wedding?


If so, it’s really important to remember that these types of photographs take time. People aren’t positioned by accident and you may find your photographer (and usually their assistant) will make continual changes as they photograph you and your guests.


You will need to put several hours of your day aside to make sure your photographer can deliver the perfection you want. And if this is what you want, it's worth spending the extra time.


Is your wedding album full of relaxed, natural images which capture the mood of your day?


These photographs don’t take as much time but you have less control over them. Your photographer will work in the background to capture as many special moments as they can and will seldom ask you to stand in a specific place or pose.


Even with group shots, your photographer probably won’t give too much guidance – they’ll check everyone is visible and encourage everyone to smile or even laugh.

With this type of photography, in 10 years time you'll be able flick through your wedding album and relive your emotions and special moments.


Is your album a mixture? Check your ideal photographer can do everything. Ask if you can see a wedding from start to finish, so you can check your photographer is able to deliver everything you want.


If there are things missing you know you want, find out why – it may be that their client didn’t want those; or that they just don’t do the thing you after. 


But what type of pictures should you be looking out for? 

Your wedding day is arranged in neat sections. 


Bride/ Groom prep


Not everyone wants this but if you do, check it is included in your wedding package.


The photographs to expect from this are: hair and make-up being done, last minute ironing, putting on dresses, kilts, shoes, jewellery… detail shots of rings, flowers, jewellery, coat hangers… Champagne toasts, bridesmaids, groomsmen, close family and friends interacting. Your photographer may do both parties, particularly if you’re getting ready in the same venue or are close to one another on the day.

Before the Ceremony


This is where your photographer will capture your guests arriving and interacting with one another. They may also capture images of your minister/ celebrant/ registrar setting up. It is also a great opportunity for your wedding photographer to take photographs of the ceremony room set up, the bride or groom waiting at the end of the aisle and guests entering and taking their seats. 

The Ceremony


During your ceremony, your photographer will capture members of the wedding party, followed by bride or groom walking down the aisle; shots of you individually and together; the exchange of rings; first kiss; any celebrations (hand fasting, sand ceremony, readings etc.); signing of register (usually afterwards); and pictures of you leaving the ceremony room.

Just after the Ceremony


This can vary. Some people have a receiving line, some have a drinks toast, some go straight to a group photograph or more formal photographs, while others just mingle with their guests. Your photographer might recommend you go outside as quickly as possible but this will depend on what you’ve decided you want – formal photographs take time and it can be tricky squeezing lots in before dinner! 



Your venue will probably assign you time for photographs and this is usually around 2 hours. It’s important to give your photographer a list of any group shots you want – try and do this in advance so that your wedding photographer can plan ahead. If you don’t want group shots, your photographer will use this time to capture the day or use it as an opportunity to take some pictures of you and your newlywed alone!



Your photographer will normally be with your guests when you and the main wedding party arrive for your speeches and meal. This is so they can photograph your arrival and the reaction of your guests. Your photographer will probably take pictures of each person talking and the guests in the room. Expect tears, smiles and laugher in these images!

Evening Reception


Remember to double check what is included in your wedding photography package – few photographers have this as standard. You may want to have photographs of evening guests arriving, of your cake being cut and your first dance, as well as capturing your guests dancing and having fun.

Choosing your wedding photographer should be exciting and not daunting. See it as a chance to research wedding ideas – décor, colours, dresses and kilts, flowers…  and at the same time, see it as an opportunity to work out what you really want from your photographer and your photographs. 

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