Struggling to choose your wedding photographer?

"Victoria Charlotte Rose exemplifies everything brilliant and creative about photography. She is gifted/talented and has a natural “eye” to capture the essence of a soul, which is rare and uncommon. In addition, she discreetly revolves around the event, capturing moments that will last forever.

Her tenacity and diligence is second to none, leaving no stone unturned. Not only does she
pleasantly communicate, she eloquently directs the conversations with thought-provoking questions. 

Just one of her photographs is timeless, however she manages to take many views and backgrounds. I like how she focuses on the emotion and magnifies that precious instant. Simply a unique experience!"


Struggling to find a wedding photographer?


There are so many brilliant photographers and literally hundreds of different styles. So, how do you choose who is the photographer for you?

One of the first questions I ask when I meet people is: What are you looking for in a photographer?


This is followed by: What type of pictures do you see yourself looking through in 10 years’ time?


These are two questions I thought I knew the answer to when I chose my wedding photographer but – even though my wedding photographs are brilliant – I didn’t give either of these questions enough thought and feel there are photographs missing that two years later, I wish I had. 


I know other people feel this way – I was speaking to someone about it yesterday!


So, how can you avoid this mistake? Read on and I’ll explain…

What are you looking for in a photographer?


The most popular answer to this question is, “beautiful photographs.”


Unfortunately, you can’t measure how beautiful a photograph is – what is beautiful to you may be just “nice” to someone else. And for this reason, it’s important to browse photographers web and social media pages. If you look at all their available images and think they’re all beautiful, then you know you like their style. And if their images don’t make an impression on you, they’re probably not the one for you.


But what else should you be thinking about when answering this question? 

Your photographer’s personality is crucial


You’ll be spending a lot of your wedding day with them, so you need to get along with them. They need to make you feel at ease, or you'll never get those stunning, natural photographs you fell in love with. And, not only that, you want your photographer to be able to interact with your guests comfortably.


Click here to see why I think choosing a wedding photographer should be like choosing a friend.

Professionalism is also vital


Most photographers are nice people but remember, they have a job to do. When you’ve found your ideal wedding photographer, remind yourself you’re paying for a service


What are you getting for your money? 


  • Are they happy to spend time with you before the wedding? 

  • Can you ask them questions about their credentials, their experiences, their work without them becoming flustered, awkward and cagey? 

  • What products are included for your money and are there samples you can see? 

  • Is there an after-care service? For example, how much editing do they do? Not all photographers remove unsightly details and if this is something you know you want, ask about it before booking. 

  • On the day, will you be able to change your mind about the photographs you said you wanted? Will your guests be able to ask for a quick family picture?

  • What about when you receive your images? Can you get back in touch with your photographer? You might want to change colour photographs to black and white or buy extra prints. 

Choosing your wedding photographer should be exciting and not daunting. See it as a chance to research wedding ideas – décor, colours, dresses and kilts, flowers…  and at the same time, see it as an opportunity to work out what you really want from your photographer and your photographs. 

Want more advice? Click here to read: What type of pictures do you see yourself looking through in 10 years’ time?  

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