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Wedding Photographer, Ayrshire, Scotland

The wedding photographer for last minute 2023 bookings!

The last thing you need on your wedding day is fuss and fanfare.
Let me be part of your wedding day - I'm calm, creative and enthusiastic, meaning you can relax and enjoy your wedding day, knowing your photographs will showcase the true story of you, your guests and the perfect moments that matter.

Yes, I do have availability for Summer 2023!


You’re the type of couple who want relaxed, candid, documentary style wedding photography.

You know you'll only feel comfortable with someone who makes you feel at ease, is down to earth, laid back and listens to what you have to say. 

You want photographs which are artistic and a little bit different but which show your personalities and that of your guests.

You’ve found exactly the type of photographer you need. 

Let me show you!

Here's a wedding day in pictures from bridal prep to first dance - and everything in between!


Today is your big day

Nerves. Anticipation. Excitement.


The morning of your wedding is like waking up in the middle of a dream, except that it’s really happening! 


Relax and cherish every second: the people who surround you now are really special - you’ve chosen them to share in your final hours before - finally - becoming a married.


By inviting me to share this time with you, I can capture your beautiful moments candidly and unobtrusively. You probably won’t even realise I’m there…


It's almost time...

The hour before your ceremony is quite busy: you’re making your final preparations, your guests are arriving, your wedding party are checking all your décor is in place, the cake has arrived… your job is to relax and enjoy doing nothing but wait. Be patient. Things are about to get real!


And I’ll be scooting from place to place, photographing your decor, the finishing touches to your outfit - usually your dress or kilt - your guests meeting and greeting and preparing my equipment to photograph the main event: your wedding ceremony!


Your wedding ceremony

Now you’ve come out of one dream, you’ve walked straight into another. Waiting at the end of the aisle is the person you've chosen to spend forever with. What could be better? 


Well, everything from now! Pretty soon you’ll be wearing your new shiny wedding ring, sharing your first kiss as a married couple and walking back down the aisle hand in hand, grinning from ear to ear.


I'll be positioned to catch all of the reactions to funny stories, gushy stories and the tears that inevitably unfold from one of your guests.


Be my guest!

Do you remember inviting all those people here? Do you remember why? Go and find your besties, your mum and dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles - everyone milling around wants to hug and congratulate you. Enjoy being with them!


I’ll be around but blending into the shadows, catching the moment you’re grabbed into a massive hug by your new mother-in-law, the moment your best friend makes you laugh so hard you almost wet yourself, the moment you catch your newlywed’s eye across the room… this time is all about you and the people you should be sharing your wedding day with.


Raise your glass and...

Feeling nervous again? Don’t be! This is where it’s about to get wild. Everything until now has been grown up and official and it’s finally time to let your hair down. You’ll probably be embarrassed but you’ll spent a lot of time laughing - with and at others in the room. Raise your glass and enjoy the moment. This is a once in a lifetime.


Let's dance!

I know - you’ve been in the limelight one too many times today - but just once more and you’re done…


You’ve spent ages trying to find the perfect song for your first dance, get out there and show everyone why it’s so perfect. 


And then, get everyone up on the dance floor and dance the night away!


I’ll capture it all - the silly moves, the hilarious faces, the kids letting go… your wedding day has been a real party and this totally sums it up!  

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"Victoria, those pictures and wedding album are amazing. I have been showing it off and my mother took it to North Carolina to show the relatives. Everyone wasn't trying to flatter you, but they were very impressed and said wonderful things about you.  Thank you for helping my mother to make this wedding a "happily ever after" for me. 

Am I the one?

Yayee! It's so exciting that you might pick me as your wedding photographer!

When you get in touch, I'd love for you to tell me all about you and your wedding.

Bride smiling

"Absolutely love our wedding photos. Anyone who knows me will know that I hate getting my photo taken. Victoria totally made me feel at ease, half the time I forgot she was there. She has captured so many special moments from our day."

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